Client Testimonials

Thank you for your hard work & dedication to our new website. I love how you persisted in working out the ‘bugs’ to get us set up!

Stephanie Norman

The website is fantastic! Thank you for the determination & diligence you offered to a project that was so needed!

LeAnn Dakake

When I needed a blog facelift recently, I looked to Kelly. She not only set me up with the look I wanted but also had valuable information for my marketing and earning efforts as well. Kelly has always been a source of great coaching and results oriented information!

Carrie Lauth

I absolutely loved working with Kelly!  She did a wonderful job of asking questions to create a Header that is perfect for my site.  If I ever need graphics done for my site again, she will be the one I call!  Thanks so much, Kelly, for giving me such a wonderful header.  It makes my site come together perfectly and has created the “environment” I was hoping for.  Not to mention all the time and headache you saved me if I would have tried it myself – and I KNOW I would never had been able to create anything so beautiful!  It is WELL worth every penny, if fact, it’s a HUGE bargain!

– Kimberly Ehlers

“I would like to thank you for designing my blog and giving me a professional looking site.  Before I hired you I tried to create my own blog, but truth be told, I just did not have the experience and insight that you brought to the table.  I had a ton of ideas, but had no clue what to do with them.  You helped me weed through all of those ideas and created a professional looking blog that reflects where I’m going with my business.  You offered great advice for what works and what doesn’t and I learned a lot from working with you.  I now feel more confident about directing people to my site and am excited to start building an online presence.  Thank you again for your help.”

– Michaela Sibanda

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