Guard Your Blog From Comment Spam

Is your blog becoming swamped with comment spam on your WordPress site?  It’s so easy to let happen.  Without a good WordPress comment spam plugin and little or no moderation comments can get out of hand real fast.

The staff at WP Beginner has an excellent article on how you can reduce the comment spam on your blogs, 12 Vital Tips and Tools to Combat Comment Spam in WordPress.

Depending on your site and the amount of traffic you get, you might not need to use all 12 of the tips listed.  In my experience I have found that a good comment plugin does an excellent job of fighting comment spam.  However if you have a high-traffic WordPress site, then you might need to start testing how all the 12 tips help.

What’s your favorite Comment spam plugin?  I love Akismet.  I’ve been using it for a long, long time and it catches all the spam.  It also just happens to be the #1 tip in the WP Beginner article.

“Akismet is one of the most valuable plugins for WordPress. You do not need to download it as it comes pre-installed with all WordPress installation. But you do need to activate it and get an API key. You can find out more about Akismet in ourAkismet 101 Guide for WordPress Beginners. Without this, you have no chance against SPAM. Akismet does a great job in catching SPAM comments. Although sometimes good comments get filtered as SPAM, but you can always recover them by going through your SPAM comments regularly.”


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